Retirement Properties for Sale

Retirement property - developments of new-build homes specifically aimed at retirees - is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, though well-established in some countries such as the USA and Australia. It has become an increasingly popular choice for British homeowners reaching the end of their working life. At some stage, many older people find themselves living in a property that is much bigger than they need and which, as they get older, becomes a burden in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

By "downsizing" to a smaller home - especially a new-build property on a purpose-built retirement development - you can use the equity in your current property to buy something far more manageable where all the communal facilities, such as gardens, rubbish collection and maintenance, are looked after by the management team. You will be able to live completely independently if you wish, but also have the peace of mind to know there are like-minded friends and neighbours close at hand, and that you have professional care services to call on in an emergency or when your circumstances change. The range of new-build retirement property for sale in the UK at present is impressive, and growing. In addition to providing on-site care and communal facilities, these developments have homes that not only benefit from all the usual advantages of new-build property, but have also been specially designed for older residents, with easy-to-use features and added security.

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Housebuilders who provide new retirement properties recognise that there is not simply one solution to fit everyone who may be considering purchasing such a home. There are broadly three levels of care that are offered that provide increasing levels of day-to-day care, services and facilities to match a greater need for assistance in day-to-day living. Click here to find out about the different levels of care on offer Many housebuilders that provide new-build retirement properties for sale will also assist buyers every step of the way, making the transition to their new home as easy as possible.

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