Unite slam Tory housing policy


Friday 19th March 2010

19 March 2010

Unite, Britain's largest union, is expected to slam the Conservative party for threatening security of tenure for up to 8 million social housing tenants and Britain's home building programme, when addressing a conference in London today.

Unite Deputy General Secretary Jack Dromey, will today tell the Defend Council Housing Conference in London that David Cameron's Housing policies threaten the potential construction of thousands of new build homes and the security of tenure for 8 million of social housing tenants.

Dromey will claim that the plans Steven Greenhaulgh, Conservative leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council and leader of David Cameron's Council Innovation Unit, plans to demolish 3,400 Council homes, increase rents and end security of tenure.

"David Cameron has hailed Hammersmith and Fulham as the future. Knocking down council homes, ending security of tenure and hiking up rents to gerrymander votes is the politics of the discredited Dame Shirley Porter Westminster past," Dromey said.

Dromey will also argue that the Conservatives are against the construction of much needed new build homes in this country. He will make reference to the claim that Caroline Spelman, Tory spokeswoman on Housing to all Tory Councils has urged them to say "no" to government plans to meet projected housing demand. 

Unite will argue that the proposed Tory plans for home building and planning, according to their Green Paper, would prevent the construction of 15% fewer homes in the South East between now and 2026 according to Tory planning proposals in their Green Paper.

On Tory plans to block the building of tens of thousands of new homes to buy, Dromey said: "David Cameron is no friend of families who want to buy their own homes. Blocking house building also damages the economy which badly needs new homes to build Britain out of recession. 

"The hardest hit region in Britain is the West Midlands with a fall in construction output alone of 22% in 2009. No wonder Taylor Wimpey Chief Executive, Peter Redfern described Conservative housing plans as 'scary as hell'".

Marc Da-Silva, What House? editor, says: "It looks as though we have take off as far as campaigning for the next general election is concerned, as Unite, Labour's largest donor, get the wheel of spin into motion. A shame British Airways could be left grounded, due to a contentious industrial strike arranged by the union.