Decorating your new home – Which colour are you?


Tuesday 1st May 2012

Are you a 'Babouche' kind of person?

Due to the range of in-trend colours available this year, there should be a colour or tone to suit most. The trends offer a diversity of hue, including bright blues along with fellow primary colours, a burst of citrus, moving into a complete contrast of muted pastels, greys and metallics. However, it can still be hard to know what décor to choose in your new home knowing that you will be living with it for a good few years - unless you are one that is keen on regular change! This is where knowing your personality, along with your subconscious choice of colour, can give you a pleasing end result that you will live with in harmony with for years to come.

It may sound funny but firstly, take a look in your wardrobe and scan through your clothes. See which colours are there in the majority and which are present but in a minority. For example, if your range of clothing is predominantly blue and neutrals with a splash of gold or pink, your colours are classed as neutral basics which can be used in any room in the home. Use the minority colours as inspiration to add accent colour pieces to give your décor choice an interesting lift.

Colour suggestions by Farrow and Ball ( to help you along the way if this description of you sounds familiar would be: String (8) or Mizzle (266) for your neutrals and a splash of Babouche (263) as an accent colour that you can match soft furnishings and ornaments to.

If your personality exudes eccentricity and a love for all things bright and beautiful, be bold with your colour choices but be sure that you plan each room with a theme and ensure that your rooms complement each other when looking at the lines around the house. The best way to look at whether your colours work is to paint a tester on a wall in each room and walk around the house glancing in each room as you walk by to see how the eye reacts to your colour choices.

For example, if your lounge is a mix of grey and bold striped soft furnishings (available at M&S online,, ensure that your adjacent room complements this. A suggestion for the dining area could be to pick out one of the bright colours displayed in the striped soft furnishings in the lounge and use as an accent colour for your chair covers, pendant or simple accessories such as coloured wine glasses. Wall colours kept neutral in a shade of light grey or tone of blue will set off the look.

Written by Elizabeth Bishop (

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