Decorating your new home – Stylish rugs


Wednesday 14th September 2011

The trend of creating new-build homes without installing carpets is a breath of fresh air destined to transform the way we consider living there. They are healthier (carpets can attract dust and store it between their fibres, increasing the chance of people contracting asthma and other respiratory illnesses) and are much easier to clean.

Reducing the use of carpets to a minimum can, on the other hand, deprive the house of the warm, cosy feeling we all appreciate. And here is where rugs come in handy. With an incredible variety to choose from, rugs are very popular and can bring back that vivacious feel to a living room or bedroom, and can prove very easy to clean too. Another convenient aspect is the fact that a rug can be changed every season without the need to call in a carpet specialist to replace your carpet, making your home a very dynamic one. When choosing a rug you are sure to give your house personality.

Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom rugTraditional designs have often been a hit with homeowners, thanks to the quality of the fabrics and the unequalled experience of the weavers that produce these rugs. This will come, if you want the real deal, at a price. Persian rugs are probably the most sought-after in the world. The most experienced weavers follow the same centuries-old weaving patterns. There are countless different quality levels, but the best known are the Kashan, the Isfahan and the Tabriz types. The most expensive of these rugs was priced at four million dollars!

To find the real deal at a possible affordable price you should check auction houses. Criterion Auction House offers very nice furniture and rugs at affordable prices (, or alternatively check on e-bay ( to bid from home on your favourite one. If you really want the best, look around Marylebone or Knightsbridge in London, where many rug manufacturers and importers are situated.

Another very popular type of rug is produced in Europe, with mono- or bi-colour patterns, and occasionally with individual patterns. Märta Måås-Fjetterström's (, prices on demand) has designs that have been around since 1900, and her collections have been nominated Textile of the Year since 2002. Even the Queen of Sweden buys their products, making these a versatile and stylish product to make your house look stunning (see photo).

The Natural Rug Store (, prices range from £80) is another cheap but very reliable solution to your needs. Their wide range of rugs makes it possible to choose the best one to fit in your home.

If you're considering buying a new home, why not make an appointment to visit a show home on a new property development? It's a great "next step" to making your dream a reality and a really good way to spot the latest style trends. Among the great new homes schemes for sale at present with inspiring show homes are: