Decorating your new home – more colour trends


Friday 11th November 2011

Colours are probably the true essence of the house. Integrating a vast variety of these can either make or break an interior. Bold solutions are becoming increasingly creative, and people are daring against the odds to introduce a balance between unexpected clashes. New houses and apartments are becoming less of a showplace and more a place to make yourself at home. It's all about comfort - deep luxurious baths you can sink into, furniture that envelopes you, beanbags for adults for relaxing outside and wireless that lets you take technology into whichever room you like without a trail of cords.

Colour swatchesTo stay on the safe side, the combination of three or four colouways will always be an easy way of coordinating your house, using shades of these colours to blend the colour ways in. In recent years, natural colours have become an essential domestic tint adopted to accompany rustic textures and aged furniture. Flowers bring interiors to life with their magnificent hues, and so adopting these amazing textures will have the same effect to your home's interiors.

This year will see an increase in bright yellows, green, violets and blues, accompanied by the already thriving reds. All these natural and harmonic colours will easy the feel in your house, creating a sense of simplicity and lightness. To make this colour work it is essential, of course, not to go crazy with mix and match, and a sensible approach would benefit the outcome of your choice. Trying to keep the mix of colours to a minimum is a great rule. This rule should be adopted too for the choice of furniture colours, trying to integrate them into the décor.

To make these colours work, the idea is to have one or two primary colours, that can then be combined with shades of the same, or even by the introduction of other dyes. Try for example mixing white, red and blue, a classic combination that will always work. Brown, beige and dark yellows work really well with the upcoming winter, making the house look warm and comfy, or if you like to dive into your colour craze, black, red and blue is a combination that can make your house look fab, accompanied by red, beige and white accessories and hues.

Great interiors are distinguished for being well made and attention to detail plays a vital role. Making sure that the right colour shade and finish is chosen is a must. Professional manufacturers of paints usually offer you all these information: Farrow and Ball ( and Earthborn ( are two of the leading manufacturers and offer a wide selection of colours and finishes.

If you're considering buying a new-build property, there's no time like the present to visit a show home on a new property development. At this time of the year, many housebuilders are offering special deals to get you moving before Christmas. A viewing is also a great way to pick up the latest style trends. Among the great new homes schemes for sale at present with inspiring show homes are: