Recommendations for zero carbon new homes


Thursday 23rd December 2010

With a government target to make all new homes in England carbon neutral by 2016, the Zero Carbon Hub Task Group has presented a list of recommendations to the government in relation to the carbon compliance levels of new homes.

If approved, the recommendations would have a major influence on the way new home developers construct new build homes in this country.

John Tebbit, Industry Affairs Director at the Construction Products Association, told the press: "Although it has been very challenging to achieve consensus from across all parties involved in zero carbon homes, we always believed that the Task Group would come up with realistic but stretching targets that will drive both quality and quantity of new homes. I am therefore delighted that these recommendations set a basis for the Minister to come to the right decision and I'm sure that our industry will rise to the challenge he sets."

There are three parts to the zero carbon, relating to the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES), which has already been set, along with the carbon compliance standard sets targets for the amount of carbon emitted from the heating, hot water and lighting in the home.

It is estimated that the UK's 21 million homes are responsible for over 25% of CO2 emissions in this country.

The government hopes that the measures will help it reduce CO2 emissions in the future.