More affordable homes desperately needed in London


Wednesday 25th April 2012

Mayor Boris Johnson has defended his housing record in London

Up to 40,000 families living in London could be forced to move up to 200 miles away from the capital as a consequence of the lack of affordable homes in London, according to a senior politician.

Shadow housing minister Jack Dromey said London is suffering from a growing supply-demand imbalance due to a shortage of new homes coming onto the market, including affordable homes, which are contributing towards higher property prices and rents.

Mr Dromey claims that building work only stated on 56 affordable homes in London last year.

"The big problem is that housebuilding is down. There were only 56 affordable homes built in London last year and rents are soaring in the private sector, and it is families who are paying the price," Dromey said in a TV interview yesterday.

He added: "We now face the grim reality of tens of thousands of families being forced to move, some of them up to 200 miles from London."

While acknowledging that there is a an affordable housing crisis, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, strongly denies that building work started on only 56 affordable homes in the whole of London in the latest six month period.

He said: "It is completely incorrect to assert that there were only 56 affordable housing starts in London between April and September 2011. Both the GLA and CLG show this to be incorrect and that there were actually 2,240/2,270 affordable housing starts in London during this time period."

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