McCarthy & Stone unveils dedicated new retirement homes removals service


Saturday 11th June 2011

McCarthy & Stone, the UK's biggest new-build retirement homes developer, has launched a dedicated removals service for its clients, complete with branded trucks and uniformed staff. In a first for the UK housebuilding industry, McCarthy & Stone has launched the initiative with removals specialist House to Home UK, part of the Vogue Group of companies. House to Home will co-ordinate and deliver the service, and has commissioned a brand new fleet of bespoke fuel-efficient Mercedes vehicles designed specifically for the task.

The first of these was unveiled yesterday, 10th June, during a ceremony at McCarthy & Stone's head office in Bournemouth, and will soon be followed by a further ten. The vehicles feature distinctive McCarthy & Stone branding which will be highly visible as they travel up and down the UK's road network.

McCarthy & Stone chief executive Howard Phillips says: "We have spoken to a lot of potential buyers and were shocked by how many of them weren't prepared to move because they can still remember how much stress and aggravation it can involve, even if the last time they moved was 30 or 40 years ago. So the prospect of moving out of the family home and doing it again, possibly on their own, was just too daunting for them.

"There is a huge demographic of potential McCarthy & Stone customers out there who are worrying about making a move. So what we've got to do is help them through the process, and providing the House to Home service is an important part of that. It's a great benefit for the customer, and a great benefit for us. The McCarthy & Stone livery looks great, and we will be adding to the fleet as the demand for the service increases."

McCarthy & Stone will sell around 1,300 units this year, adds Howard, and he expects to provide a removals service for around 80 per cent of these.

David Winter, group managing director of House to Home UK, comments: "We are delighted to announce this initiative, which is a logical extension to the range of services which The Vogue Group already provides to McCarthy & Stone. We will enable McCarthy & Stone to offer its buyers a service which is second to none, ensuring they enjoy a smooth, hassle-free transition to their new home.

"And in addition to enabling the developer to provide an extra service, they will also benefit from what is effectively a fleet of eye-catching mobile advertising spaces which will be highly visible on the UK's road network, reinforcing consumer awareness of the McCarthy & Stone brand," adds David.

McCarthy & Stone removals

McCarthy & Stone's branded vans, launched in association with removals company House to Home UK, will become a common sight on Britain's roads as more people moving into the company's new retirement homes make use of the service