Decorating your new home – Which colour are you?

Due to the range of in-trend colours available this year, there should be a colour or tone to suit most. The trends offer a diversity of hue, including bright blues along with fellow primary colours, a burst of citrus, moving into a complete contrast of muted pastels, greys and metallics. However, it can still be hard to know what décor to choose in your new home knowing that you will be living with it for a good few years - unless you are one that is keen on regular change!

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Are you a 'Babouche' kind of person?

Decorating your new home – Colour and fabric trends 2012

Whether you've just moved into your new home, or are simply waiting for completion on your purchase, take some time out to consider decorating your own personal creation and take a look at the current trends in order to make the most of the rooms in your property. This is the fun part!

Decorating your new home – more colour trends

Colours are probably the true essence of the house. Integrating a vast variety of these can either make or break an interior. Bold solutions are becoming increasingly creative, and people are daring against the odds to introduce a balance between unexpected clashes. New houses and apartments are becoming less of a showplace and more a place to make yourself at home.

Decorating your new home – Using colour

Imagine a world without colour, if everything you saw was in black and white. Okay if you appreciate the minimalist style, however, for those of you that require a splash of colour in their life, it is important to understand the aesthetics of colour and how to make colour work in your new home.