Save £140 on utility bills


Wednesday 21st July 2010

Around 90% of Brits are now ready to make changes to tackle climate change with the right help, according to a study carried out to mark the second Green Britain Day.

Team Green Britain, created by EDF Energy, and environmental charity Global Action Plan have teamed up to help turn this awareness into action, through the organisation of EcoTeam-Up events across the country. The events aim to bring together friends, neighbours, workmates and like-minded people to live a lower carbon lifestyle.

Working together as a community not only helps the planet but also helps save money. Research by Global Action Plan has found that, on average, households participating in EcoTeams could make savings of up to £140 a year on energy and water bills. This collective action can help drive long term change with 94% of EcoTeams participants saying they were likely to maintain the changes they had made.

This research also shows that, on average, people in EcoTeams were able to reduce their CO2 emissions by 13%, their water use by 11%, and the amount of household waste they produce by 19%.

People can join an existing EcoTeam online at or set up their own by attending one of the following free EcoTeam-Up events. The events will help people to make the changes that suit them, and show them the difference this is making.

Trewin Restorick, CEO of Global Action Plan, comments: "People care about the environment. But the whole thing can feel a bit overwhelming; especially to those who have done the basics, but don't know what comes next. Or how to get the people they care about to take action too.

"EcoTeams help. We get people together to have fun and make simple, tangible differences at home and when they're out and about. Working with Team Green Britain, we'll be holding EcoTeam-Up events over the next few months and can't wait to meet even more people getting involved."

Eva Eisenschimmel, Chief Operating Officer, EDF Energy, adds: "Climate change is as much a social issue as an environmental one. Only by changing behaviour on a large scale can we begin to make a difference. That is why EDF Energy kicked off Team Green Britain last year, at the heart of which is Global Action Plan's excellent EcoTeams initiative. By helping us pool our resources, pull together and discover our community spirit Team Green Britain can enable people to tackle climate change and leave a lasting legacy for our children."

It is estimated that our homes and other buildings produce nearly half of this country's carbon emissions - almost double that of cars and planes.

Because most homes in south London were built decades ago, it is projected that thousands of properties each year will require extra insulation, new windows and other energy saving features in order to fight climate change and fuel poverty.

But while everybody talks about the eco homes of tomorrow, more housebuilders are getting on with building them today.

More new build homes include greater restrictions on water usage, an understanding of air tightness - less air leakage out of a home means lower energy use - and a reduction in operational energy use, among other eco-friendly improvements.

Developer David Wilson reports that new build homes with fixtures such as double glazing and good insulation are warmer, greener, and up to 40 per cent more energy efficient than unmodernised homes built ten years ago, and ten times more efficient than Victorian properties.